Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The New Three Ring Circus

There’s a new circus in town. It is the new Dingling Brothers, Farnham and O’Malley Circus. All is new! Come see the three man acrobatic act. No membership fees required. All are welcome –except the Gauls and the United Nations. Ring-side seats available without Security Council approval.

See John Bull in the ring with the Spanish matador. The Bull does not die in the end. See Buffalo George and his six-shooting Texas Rangers –only the villain Saddam dies. See the Spanish conquistador do a flamenco dance on the rock of Gibraltar. See the Prime Minister of Britain, Blairing music without a trumpet. See the Texas Ranger’s Cheer leaders sing, “Behind the Mulberry Bush.” No, we don’t serve French Fries, French Toast or French Kisses. From now on, it will only be Texas BBQ sandwiches, Fish and Chips and Empanadas.

Dame Vera Lynn will entertain with ‘White Cliffs of Dover, “ “Wish Me Luck,” and “There’ll always be an England.” Willie Nelson will sing “God Bless America,” “Home on the Texas Range,” and “Adios Amigos.” Julio Iglesias will sing, “Yellow Rose of Texas,” “South of the Border” and the “Peanut Vendor”. Father George Bush Sr. will sing, “Twelve Long Years,” “Bring Back the Oil” and “Happy Days are Here Again.” Clint Eastwood will sing, “Shoot Up Baghdad,” “Get the Butcher” and “Home on the Range”. No complementary tickets for Jean Chretien and Vicente Fox. Adios Amigos.

(c) 2008 Mahomed Ally Keshavjee, All Rights Reserved

The Clinical Trial

Have you attended the clinical trial?
It is Big Drug and Pharmaceutical’s prodigal child.
Every person who signs-on for a free test is beguiled.
One day you’ll be sorry, their number you dialed.

Father medicine has joined in the fray and sacrifices
Those who lend their names to the clinical trial.
Of the side effects, they say nothing:
They won’t even show you your file.
After all, you signed on the dotted line.

In their hearts they know the outcome of the trial,
Because only they know the contents of the vial.

The side effects hurt you,
And you can’t even walk a quarter of a mile.
All because of a wrong number that you did dial.
But you cannot sue them or take them to trial
Because you signed on the dotted line.

Grandma’s remedies tasted like Buckley’s or bile,
But you know they worked even though you did not smile.
I know you’re sorry you joined up for a clinical trial –
You became their sacrificial lamb by signing on the dotted line.

Many are called and many are chosen to boost their bottom line.
Happy are the accountants and salesmen,
Whose bonuses are on track and on-line

If you’ve seen Harrison Ford’s movie, the Fugitive,
He accused his detractors for changing the samples
And putting his life on the line.
It doesn’t just happen in the movies, but also in real-life.
So beware before you sign again on the dotted line.

© 2002 Mahomed Ally Keshavjee, All Rights Reserved. Written Dec 5, 2002. Essay#

Mr. Jackal and Dr. Hide

My name was Mr. Hide,
But since I’ve become a doctor,
I feel I’m more a Jackal, than a Hide.

The drug companies give me all kinds of freebies,
And they’re all tax-free.
But my conscience doesn’t allow me to be free.

From those drugged out patients, I have to hide.
My office has become a dispensary
For all my patients and even uncle Harry.
They want all kinds of samples from my apothecary.

I was once a doctor, but now I’m a druggist.
Even Carlos Escobar, the Colombian, has nothing on me.
I have a license. He doesn’t.
He was only a thuggist, but I’m a true druggist.

I get all my supplies at the company store.
Now I’m a low down hypocrite, dirty to the core.
There are days I get angry and very, very sore.
There’s no medication to help me in my cupboard or in my store.
I spend my time with company agents who sell me even more.
But I was never like this before.

They sit in my waiting room, telling the patients to ask me for more.
They bring cases of samples to give out to the poor.
Now I’m learning to play hide and sick,
Before the government takes a big stick.

(c) 2008 Mahomed Ally Keshavjee, All Rights Reserved