Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Golden Jubilee Joy

Jubilee’s can be platinum, silver or gold
But all that is symbolic, the Prophets the people told
The true meaning is brotherly love which is more than gold
Coming together is the meaning of Tawhid within the fold

Many false Prophets worldly riches to the people sold
And many lost in the maze of materialism, this untruth still hold
Look at the world’s poor, who hunger and are utterly cold
Lost in a maze into which they have rolled

Mankind looks away, to admire the glitter of gold
“All have come short of the glory of God,”
The great teacher with those words the world did scold
And to account, Jesus said, the Maker the rich will hold

But this is the jubilee year from household to household
Declare freedom from oppression, poverty and biting cold
All is mine said the Lord,
All the treasures, all the land, all the people and also the gold

Jubilees are joyous occasions, ancient and old
God told his prophets to declare the jubilee and be bold
Jubilees have spiritual meaning and riches untold
So open your heart and understand the real meaning of the gold

© 2008 Mahomed Ally Keshavjee. All rights reserved. Essay #366. April 4, 2008.