Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sweet Golden Jubilee

This is the year of celebrating the Jubilee so sweet,
There is rejoicing and singing in the street,
This special spiritual enjoyment you cannot beat,
It is a mind and soul satisfying sweet treat!

In this Jubilee, brothers and sisters from all over will you meet,
Share in the festivities and have some biryani to eat.
For this special Jubilee, get yourself a view-full front seat,
This is something that no other celebration can ever beat.

It is spiritual springtime with gifts of candy, dates and wheat,
Celebrate with all the sweets and jelebees you can eat.
Even hard-working volunteers should stop for a sweet on their beat,
It’s a special occasion that is sweeter than sweet.

There’s going to be many singers, with gazal, kawali and other geet,
Momins should be happy, joyous and sing aap ni jeet.
Happy is the clean-hearted soul,
Her destination with goodness will she meet.

Take the inner journey and accept no defeat,
Celebrate and to the path of goodness direct your feet,
Share the joy and within your heart see who you can meet,
All is possible when you eat the Golden Jubilee sweet!

© Mahomed Keshavjee. All Rights Reserved. Essay #367. April 14, 2008.

Jubilee GJ Jive

Everybody is singing, dancing and doing the GJ jive
From Canada to the Maldives
This is the historical Jubilee Year, televised live!

Every momin and his brother is busy serving,
Working like bees in a hive,
From the highest mountain they are ready to dive,
This is the inspiring GJ jive

Up early in the morning at quarter to five
Jump into their chariots, ready to drive
A Tim’s coffee and a crispy donut by their side
They are ready to do the famous Jubilee GJ jive

With lots of Baraka, these momins will always thrive
From a quarter to five ‘round the clock to quarter to five
They are always ready to serve, doing the GJ jive.

So come on all you dandia dancing dindharo,
Don’t be so na├»ve
Get on the band wagon and join in the GJ jive

Alexander’s Ragtime Band never had it so good
Nor knew how to thrive
‘Cause they never knew about the Jubilee GJ jive

© Mahomed Keshavjee. All Rights Reserved. Essay #364. Mar 31, 2008.

The Golden Jubilee Jao Jalali

This is the happy Golden Jubilee Jao Jalali
It’s time for singing, dancing and khushiali
Everyone is happy, singing with Jao Jalali

Women dressed in their best saris
Even the Mumbai and Karachiwalis
They came from all over the globe
Even from Timbuktu in Mali
Remember, this is the Golden Jubilee Jao Jalali

All working in harmony to complete it successfully
Taking it in their stride, volunteers handle it coolly
Need a chair? Need some water? It will be here duly
No time to get upset, please help and cooperate fully
All your longings and wishes will be met, just say Ya Ali!

God commanded Moses to declare a true jubilee
So obey the Commandments and make jao jalali
Abraham took his son for sacrifice and called it Ismaili
Jesus said, love one another, as I love you truly
That is the true jubilee, so make jao jalali

Prophet Muhammad (SAS) said,
All of mankind is one brotherhood
So all you happy momino, jive your best,
rock, roll and sing the jubilee jao jalali

Momins are truly happy today,
you know it’s the Golden Jubilee
Nacho, nacho ane karo jao jalali
Aaje chhe Golden Jubilee
Gao, gao ane karo jao jalali

© 2008 Mahomed Keshavjee. All Rights Reserved. Essay #368. April 15, 2008.