Friday, August 15, 2008

N35 Contacts Earth, Part 2

N35 Calling Planet Earth. N35 Calling Planet Earth. We know you are reading us loud and clear with all those primitive radio and other receptors you have placed on your planet to hear messages from Universal Space. It has been 3 years since we replied to your request to hear from us. As a matter of fact, millions of planets, advanced and less advanced, have been hearing your request since your planet started broadcasting on radio frequencies. Our planet has been monitoring you for over 100,000 years since you evolved from Homo erectus. We do not need radio frequencies to monitor your planet.

We were the only planet allowed by our Federation to respond to your quest. There are thousands of Planetary and Galaxy Federations scattered throughout the known Universe. Most are too advanced to care about your primitive communications, just as most of your peoples don’t bother to learn to speak with dolphins.

Our answer to your continuing request, again, is as follows. There is mayhem and confusion on your planet. You deliberately, out of your greed and hubris, choose and elect morons and imbeciles to lead you. Take a closer look at your planet. It is devoid of spiritual vision. You talk of war. You talk of power. You talk of superior weapons and superior armies. You have been doing this for the last 6000 years. It even escalated 2000 years ago, when we sent one of our greatest spiritual leaders to teach you about life.

Are you listening? Do you really listen? Your planet is about to be consumed by fire. Your Earth is trembling. Innocents are dying from your military shock and awe. There is hunger and misery amongst your own brethren. You have closed and chained your conscience from eternal guidance. What other advice do you want from us? Do you want advice about super weaponry? We have it. But we have never used it. There is no hunger here. There is no hatred. No self-pity. There are only shining faces that give thanks to the Creator.

Look at your situation. There is no happiness on your planet –only greed for power and selfishness that we find hard to comprehend. You withhold food from the poor. You trample on those who have less power than you. You steal from those who are less fortunate than you. We have no poor here. It is an alien word here on N35. Forget us. We are not supposed to be your mentors. Your last teacher came 2000 years ago and you still have not put into practice his guidance for your well-being and survival. How can we teach you more, when you do not exhibit the ability to learn lessons that were sent so long ago? Good luck to your petty politicians and your false evangelists, for they are leading you astray. This is our final message to you. May the eternal Creator have mercy on your souls.

Essay #383. Written on 23/7/2008

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N35 Contacts Earth, Part 1

N35 calling Planet Earth. N35 calling Planet Earth. Please quote Contact Reference Number PE-GAL825-MW623 in all future communications. We know you are reading us loud and clear through all your electronic media. N35 is a habitable planet located in the Artemis galaxy. We are members of the L14 Planetary and Galaxies Federation, consisting of 45 galaxies and 9000 advanced planets. Your planet, number PE-GAL825-MW623 is part of a federation of primitive planets. PE means Planet Earth. The numbers indicate that you belong with a number of other primitive planets whose denizens live at the lowest level of mental and spiritual development. The planets of our Federation are highly evolved and technologically advanced. We knew about your planet long before you put up your first radio telescope at Jodrell Bank in England, after your so-called Second World War. War is a concept that does not exist here.

We heard all your messages long ago. But we are not allowed to contact any planet without permission of the Federation. Recently, permission was granted to us to contact you. The Federation wants to know from within your hearts why you want to have contact with us? According to your message, you want to be friends with us. Why would you want to be friends with us when you don’t even know who we are or what we look like? We have very serious doubts about your intentions. For us to be friends with you would be like getting into a cage with a tiger that is purring like a little cat. It would be fool-hardy.

You already have people like yourselves on your own planet whom you sack and rape and rob for material gain. You steal their measly possessions because they are of a different color and language. You trample on their rights because they have less power or weapons. Why would you want to be friends with us? We know about your historical conquests. You have spent billions and billions of dollars to collect different kinds of rocks from different planets in your solar system. Is this some sort of spoiled rich man’s hobby that you pursue while millions of your own go hungry and die in vain? We know all about your planet and all the other primitive planets throughout your galaxy using our very advanced abilities. You might call this capability cosmo-reality. You cannot understand the concepts, so we will not discuss it.

Is it not hubris that some of your most celebrated and famous religious leaders have asked your scientific community in advanced space research to enquire if there is an entity called Jesus living here in our midst? What do they need of him? Is there a warrant still outstanding for his arrest? It is their kind, especially those who call themselves Reverends, who had him dispatched in the first place. He would be a fitting citizen of your so-called Sudan or Ethiopia, or the slums of Nairobi. Are they inviting him to come sup with them at 10 Downing Street or at the White House? He would not come.

In actuality, there are 3 entities on N47, a planet about 70 light years from here, who meet your criteria for advanced spiritual leadership. With our advanced travel, we can be there in about 3 Earth minutes. One of those entities –the one you are looking for –calls himself the Carpenter. He lives with a flock of people who are called the Essenes. Their spirituality is beyond your capability to comprehend. The Carpenter lived on your planet 2000 years ago when he was sent away by lobbyists and lawyers of his day. There is also one called the Enlightened one, who meditates with his followers under a Pipal tree. And then there is another who calls himself Yasudev. Your Earth knew them as Buddha and Krishna. Their planet is even more advanced than ours. Once you have evolved beyond your current primitive state, you will be able to contact us through the principles of cosmo-reality. At the moment, you are in age of materialism which seeks technological solutions. You will need 425, 000 years for this age of materialism to totally pass and for you to evolve to an age of spiritualism. Are your Reverends Graham, Falwell and Robertson still seeking to meet us? Let us know through any of your 21st century, primitive communications methods. Just so you know, we already know what you are thinking.

Essay #291. Written on 23/1/2006.

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