Saturday, December 20, 2008

The New (Godless) Reality

In August 2008, the Toronto Star reported new research on belief and dis-belief in a supreme creator. Alarmingly, 23% of the population of Canada does not believe in God anymore. There were no statistics for the US. Also, none for the UK, Europe or the entire Western world. But a 23% atheism rate for a so-called Western Christian country, does say something for what portends for the world to come.

When did this happen? How did it happen? Or even, why did it happen? Are very relevant and important questions to be asked because Canada is a Western and a strong Christian-based country. If research ever showed that even 1% of the Muslim world didn't believe in God, it would send shock-waves throughout the Islamic world.

Where did things really go wrong? Admittedly, there are more Christians in the world than Muslims, so they can afford to lose a few. But the Church is a very powerful and wealthy institution, with more missionaries, evangelists and Bibles in distribution (and more being printed) than there are in the Muslim world. Is there a new reality emerging? How much has materialism to do with all of this? And where are the answers going to come from? There is now chaos and mayhem all around the world. It is every man for himself and God for all. If there is a God.

Islam has the answer. It is growing rapidly without missionaries, evangelists and Qur'an's. But is anyone in the West interested?

Essay #385. Written Aug-21-2008.

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