Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wall Street's Own Animal Farm

Angry shareholders are taking matters into their own hands. The brokers they trusted made the shareholders go broke. Now investors are saying that the system is broke and needs fixing. But Wall Street is in denial and is telling investors all is OK and if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

The Bull is gone. Disappeared. The Bear is having babies and there's no room at Wall Street to house them all. President Bush says he has appointed watch dogs at the SEC. But one of the watch dogs had to go, because somebody blew the whistle. A little birdie told the FBI about some previous dirty linen. But not to worry, the SEC has some new dogs now. I hope that the SEC does not become a Secret Expense Currency institution. It would be like putting the fox to watch the hens.

Wait. What's that powerful stink? Maybe there's some skunks hiding somewhere around here. What are all those animals with the sharp teeth and the prominent dorsal fins? Don't tell me that there are now corporate sharks in the sewers of New York. I thought it was an alligator that people claimed was in the sewers. Whatever. With so many animals around on Wall Street, I don't think America has to worry about a shortage of entertainment for a long time. Maybe they should start their own Animal Farm? It may help them bridge their cashflow issues until the bull comes back.

If they are looking for more animals, they can ask Martha Stewart for her goose, that the corrupt CEOs wanted the government to cook. Don't forget the greedy pigs. They're the ones that caused the problems in the first place. And don't forget the dirty rats who always seem to hang around where ill-gotten gains are to be found.

Pity George Orwell is not here to see this Animal Farm.

Essay #123. Written on Dec 10, 2002.

© 2002 Mahomed Ally Keshavjee. All Rights Reserved.

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